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Mar 13, 2013  ◦  Joseph Daily

The past year has been a significant time of transition here at Arcadian Spaces. For over eighteen months now, we have been chipping away at a substantial addition to John’s home, which has felt like it is straddling two different worlds. The metamorphosis is not yet complete, but we won the turning point last spring, when we tore into the very heart of the Cadorette household: the kitchen.

In the course of a single day in April, the Cadorettes’ kitchen went from this unsuspecting space:

Kitchen Panorama

to this:

Down it comes

and shortly thereafter:

The open room: The open room

John timed this move to coincide with his wife and children taking a three-week trip to visit family in Europe, keeping them safely out of the fray as we battled steel beams, cantankerous plumbing, and old floor & ceiling joists that had to be dragged kicking and screaming back into level. With only each other as company, our solitary situation led to some quiet moments…


some true heroics…


and some unfortunate incidents:

An unfortunate incident

But all’s well that ends well, as they say. The new kitchen is now nearly complete, with a beautiful tile floor and a truly fantastic 19th century woodstove that I adopted as a painting subject at the nearest opportunity:

Painting the woodstove

And we are still chipping away at the addition, which is now framed, sheathed, windowed, roofed, and awaiting insulation and sheetrock. When the new spaces are finally finished, they will surely usher in a special new phase of life and work on the property.

Up Next

At the moment, John and I are finishing up some decorative indoor work left over from winter. The leaves pictured below will adorn the top corners of a black steel door. They were plasma cut from a piece of sheet metal, ground smooth, and painted with a hammered copper finish. On the right is a mockup for an arched entry way in the foyer of another client’s home. We are custom milling the wide, white trim to match pillars in a nearby area of the house, and an oval with a ribbon will be carved in relief to adorn the top of the arch.

Decorative indoor work mockup

Looking Ahead…


With the days now noticably longer, we are looking forward to some exciting outdoor projects that the warmer weather will bring our way. Most recently, John and Elias have been making runs to the quarry to gather beautiful slabs of bluestone that we will transform into an outdoor stairway in the coming months.

Back from the quarry

Future stairs

Meanwhile, our poor little smokehouse has been patiently waiting to receive its finishing treatment and be installed in its proper location as a gatehouse. I can’t wait to pull away its protective tarp, shingle the roof, and see it gleaming in the afternoon sun.


And this summer, there may even be a treehouse on the horizon…


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