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We are fluent with all manner of building materials, and we’re fully equipped to bring our uniquely rugged, artistic touch to just about any outdoor project you can dream up. If you have a special project that you would like us to realize for you:

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How We Work

dream1. Dream

Each project begins by listening carefully to your vision and gathering impressions of your land or property.

As an example, let’s look at our bear’s head rafter tails for the house we were commissioned to build for Joseph’s mother, Renée:

Bear’s head beam ends

In conceiving the design for this home, we asked Renée if there was an animal or form that felt close to her, which we could use as a theme for carving the rafter tails. Her reply was “bears”, which had recently appeared in her dreams. We had also just discovered a resident black bear as our new neighbor (who had announced himself by cleaning out our birdfeeder twice) – so this was an easy, clear choice for her beam ends.

design2. Design

Our conceptual sketches will give you an excellent idea of what the finished product will look & feel like, offering concrete ideas for bringing your dream to life.

In Renée’s case, she was actually able to provide us with a little watercolor painting she had done a few years earlier, which served as a perfect starting point for our design:

Bear’s head template

With this image in mind, we then scoured the internet for photos of bears in profile, which we used to inform our pattern. The full-size template was drawn and carved out of a sheet of plywood:

Bear’s head template

build3. Build

We’ll build as much as we can in our own shop before assembling your new structure on site. Custom beam ends can either be tooled on site or shipped anywhere within the continental U.S.

With the template pattern approved, we set to work with chainsaw, router, and brush, transforming our conceptual design into a 3-dimensional reality:




And with a little help from a chain hoist and some ratchet straps, the bears were happily in place:

Hoisting the bears

All in place

enjoy4. Enjoy

In the end, your new structure can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Renée routinely says things like, “I can’t believe I get to live here!” when asked about her new home. It was a pleasure for us to build it, and to be able to provide another person with so much joy through our work.

The finished rafter tails

paint5. Paint

What’s more, you can even commission us to turn your structure into a beautiful painting!

One of our greatest joys at Arcadian Spaces comes from crafting structures that are beautiful to behold, and which harmonize with and compliment the land on which they stand. For Joseph, this means that the completion of every project also provides him with an excellent subject for a painting. Here’s an example of a painting inspired by the project that started it all for us:

The Dragon Pagoda

The Painting

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